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iPad 2, 32GBs WiFi (Price: $330.00)

In perfect condition! I chose the white one, but if you put it into a case, you really don't know what color it is.This iPad 2 was bought when they were first available. I use it mostly while watching the news at night--I mute the commercials and play games, read/answer email, and do other things with it. It also came in handy when I spent hours sitting around while my husband was getting treatments at the hospital every week including watching movies, TV shows, using FaceTime video chats or Skype. If you have never used FaceTime to video chat with others, you are missing out! It is surprising how many people have iPhones or iPads with FaceTime.

Additional Information: I have a newer iPad3 now and do not need two of them. I see that on eBay this particular model iPad is selling for up to $400 or more. I have the original box and everything that came with it.

Seller: Linda Cameron 509-783-8876

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